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Actions on Office 365 Groups

Add a new Office 365 Groups

A nice feature is available and allow to add a groups in 3-steps.

From the top nav once you’ve reach the Office 365 Groups panel click on “Create Office 365 Group”:


The form is really easy to use and allow you to access information more easily compare to the web interface.

First step you have to provide:

  • Office 365 Groups name
  • Group ID that means the email adress associated to the group.
  • Group description
  • Privacy : Public / Private
  • OwnersaddGroupsPart1

Next screen will allow you to add members to the group:addGroupsPart2

Final screen will allow you to review the Office 365 Groups configuration:


One last click on “Create Group” and your site will be created:


If you don’t have Office 365 admin you will have to ask your admin to authorize SysKit on the tenant to manage your tenant by navigating to this url:


Delete an Office 365 Groups

A cool an easy to use feature is the remove Office 365 Groups, an hard to find option if you use the web site, here is a one click feature.

delete office

A two click in fact you have to confirm..

delete office confirm

Other actions

  • Add owner: will allow you to add Office 365 Groups Owner
  • Add Member: will allow you to add Office 365 Groups Member
  • Go to site collection: will allow you to view the SharePoint Online site associated to your Groups
  • Export: one of the most useful feature, that will allow you to export permission by role.
    • Role
    • Display name
    • Email
    • Username


  • The export function can be used on the Office 365 groups node and will export your Office 365 Groups list:
    • Display name
    • Email
    • Visibility
    • Proxy Addresses
    • Created Onoffice365groupsexport

This function is quite useful but to be able to export all users by Office 365 Groups would have be nicein order to quickly view which groups is empty and which can be deleted.




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