Syskit just released the first version of Security Manager, well decide to put this new product on the computer of every SharePoint Online/Office 365 Groups administrator.

Well let’s see what’s available in this tool and how to use it.

First thing first let’s donwload this new toy by using this url:

After installation will have a simple a clear interface with two main options:

  • Site collections
  • Office 365 Groups

Directly to the point, so what we want, handle permission on SharePoint Online site collection and obviously to the disturbing no-body-know-how-permission-are-handled Office 365 Groups.

Add a SharePoint Online site collection

Once you’ve donwload the tool you can add new Site Collection or Office 365 Group, a first improve compare to SPDockKit, you can connect many site collection at the same time. That was a time consuming action for multi tenant/multi site collection owner.


When first logged your credentials are stored and you can use existing credentials for future connection. On the left side you will find all your connection group by tenant:

multi tenant

Add a Office 365 Groups

To add a Office 365 groups the setting is different and much more convenient

add office 365 groups

You only need to set your admin account and the tool will automaticaly search for existing Office 365 Groups and you will be able to add it to your quick launch nav bar.

scan office group

A search box will help you find the right site if you have many, after successfuly added to your list a color code will indicate the type of sharepoint site, red for site collection, blue for site linked to a Office 365 Groups

site coll groups

Actions on Office 365 Groups

Check this page for actions available on Office 365 Groups.

Actions on SharePoint Online site collection

Check this page for actions available on SharePoint Online site collection.


This article is part 1 out to 3 pages articles:

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